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By Nelson Letshwene

"Is the money transferred from one account to another actually stacks of bills? Do that many stacks of denominations of money actually exist? Where are there bank safes to house trillions of dollars?
Melanie M Metzger

I think we’ve already established here that money is nothing but a facilitator, an invisible facilitator at that. Here is an important question: what does it mean to have money problems?

To most people that means: not enough money. To others it means: not knowing how to budget. Now, most people who have tried budgets have realized one thing: budgets don’t work! Why?

I believe budgets are like people who go on “yo-yo diets” to lose weight. Yo-yo dieting starts out great but soon you’re at the end of your string. Same goes for money diets, they just don’t work.

As far as dieting is concerned, there’s nothing wrong with the food you eat, other people are eating the same food but have no weight problems. And, before you blame your body, there is also nothing wrong with your body. So where is the problem? Yes, it’s all in your mind.

The same goes with our relationship with money. You know people who earn less than you that are actually doing “better” than you, and you know others who earn more than you and comparatively speaking, you have less money problems than them. I was in a combi last week when I overhead two women discuss this very point. Their conclusion was: “madi ke thlaloganyo” (money is mind). I couldn’t agree more.

If you’re not wealth healthy it’s time to go to the core of your money habits, learn the purpose of money, exercise your money muscles, and commit to a lifestyle where you control your money, not the other way around.

Let’s break this down…

What are your money habits? How do you communicate with your money? Are you an impulsive spender? Is money a negative thought? Or is money something you fear?

Start to understand how you communicate with your money. If money is a scary thought you have to change your thinking. If you overspend you need to find out why. People often say things like; “Money is root of all evil”… the quote is actually “the love (or lust) of money is the root of all evil”. If you are thinking negatively about money, chances are your bank account reflects that same negativity.

Learn the purpose of money. Once you’ve begun to think about your conversation with money it’s time to understand it’s purpose, how much do you need to sustain a wealth healthy lifestyle?

Exercise Your Money! If you are thinking clearly about money you want to build up those Money Muscles! If you’ve got a problem with spending you need to be in resistance training. Once you get the hang of it you’re building your wealth muscles. When you’re paying down your debt and practicing healthy spending, doing what it takes to earn more money, and investing, your wealth muscles are very strong and will get even stronger. Keep building your wealth.

There’s good debt and bad debt. Do you know the difference? There’s ways to make more money… everyone has a marketable skill. Have you thought about that? What can you do today to make more money? Be in the cycle of continuous learning.

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