Nelson Letshwene

Author and Speaker


Book Descriptions:

The Money Field

The Money Field is like a sports field upon which the game of money is played. It is made up of four quadrants. Everyone who handles money is a player on this field without exception. The money game is the only compulsory game in the world where everyone, rich or poor, is a player. Money does represent everyone's fruit of their labour, the sweat of their brow, their legal right to compensation after work. The tug of war is between those who are trying to amass as much of it as possible, and those who are just trying to hold on to their rihts. It is important that everyone understands their role in their relationship with money.

This book introduces you to the field of play, the rules, the strategies, as well as other players on the field. It reveals to you how you’ve been playing your game thus far, and how you can improve it, and even win it.  

Money is an important tool in the game of life, but it’s not without its complexities. It is time to joyfully accept money for the services you render to humanity. Be not ashamed of money, for money perpetuates life. Welcome it into your life. Share money. Use money. Keep money. Grow money. Don’t criticize it. Live a life of appreciation for all good things. Making money is good. Isn’t it time you learnt how it works?

This book will cover The Rules on the Money Field; the difference between how the rich play their money game and how the poor play their game. Porverty is often the results of lack of knowledge of The Money Field and the rules and moves thereon. It will cover your relationship with "Other People's money", i.e. debt. It will deal with how you can grow your own Personal money trees.

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