Nelson Letshwene

Author and Speaker



“Faith is the ability to perceive what is not yet revealed to the senses.”

Hebrews 11

We may have called it by many names before, but today, I want to call it Spiritual Capital. This is the vital ingredient that can ensure your success in any adventure. Of course I’m not talking about religious dogma or your ability to follow the rules of your belief system. I am talking about character traits that are necessary in all of our lives to succeed in life. These may even be called life skills. But nay, I call them spiritual capital today. 

Most of us don’t lack ideas. In fact, we have plenty of ideas zooming in and out of our heads. Most of us don’t even lack the resources to bring our ideas to bear. In a country where education is free, reading this, you probably have a tertiary education and more. But why is it that you may still feel inadequate to fulfil your dreams?

So, we can rule out lack of ideas; we can rule out lack of resources, including cash in most cases; we can even rule out lack of support. You may say, but there’s competition! Well, fierce competition exists where there is lack of innovation, where everyone is trying to do what everyone else is doing.

What is spiritual capital? When all else fail, it may be the only thing that carries you forward. Let’s start with patience and perseverance.  Would you have had the patience to invent a light bulb, especially if you didn’t know it was going to require you to test thousands of filaments, like Thomas Edison did?

Let’s talk about foresight and vision. Would you have purchased those two restaurants from the McDonald brothers if you had opportunity like Ray Kroch did? Would you have had the foresight to project them into the future as the world’s fastest growing hamburger place?

Let’s talk about love for what you do. Would you have build Microsoft into the billion dollar company that it is simply because you loved developing software like Bill Gates did?

Let’s talk about relentless focus. Would you have stayed focused on the idea of flying like the Wright Brothers did, even when no one had seen a machine fly before?

Now let’s talk about faith. Faith is the ability to perceive what is not yet revealed to the senses. You have not seen it, heard it, touched it, smelled it or tasted it, and yet you know with certainty that it is there. 

So, do you have spiritual capital? Do you have the patience and the perseverance necessary to carry you through your projects? Do you have purpose and vision that allows you to see the future? Do you love what you do so much that you would do it even if no one paid you for it? Do you have the faith to carry you through?