Nelson Letshwene

Author and Speaker


Seven Essential Money Skills

Seven Essential Money Skills takes you on a journey to address your relationship with money to create a more functional relationship. Everyone who handles money must have these skills as part of their character. Install them, activate them, practice them, live by them, and have them support your character.

The journey starts with increasing your Earning Capability by focussing on multiple streams of income. You learn the art of Saving for the purpose of Investing for growth. You move on to buid Value using your money and other resources. Protection is the key to keeping what you have, and the skill of Control puts you in charge to avoid having the market place ruling your money through your emotions. The next sill is to set up Control Systems and this allows yo to Share your abundance with others.

Lack of money skills leads to dysfunctional relationshio with money. These Seven Money Skills will transform your relationship with money for the better.

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