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By Nelson Letshwene

"In truth, money is not created until the instant it is borrowed. It is the act of borrowing which causes it to spring into existence. And, incidentally, it is the act of paying off the debt that causes it to vanish. "

G. Edward Griffin

Money is nothing but a facilitator. In reality, nobody wants oodles and heaps of it – except only to facilitate multitudes of transactions.

When most people dream, they say: ‘if I had money, I would do such and such’. You see that what they really want is such and such, and money is only seen as a facilitator to get you to your destination.

Is there a point in time when money can be absolutely useless? Well, I remember a scene in the movie Titanic, when the richest man on the ship wanted to buy a spot in the life boat. The captain did not have any spots left in the lifeboats to sell. Although the rich man gave all his money, the captain, who was sure that he was going to perish at sea, looked at the rich man and said, ‘may your money perish with you’.

So the question is: should we be accumulating money, or the idea of money, or should we be accumulating life facilitators?  If you acquire land on which you can build your mansion, and have a place where you can grow your food to last you into forever, and actually owe no one for it, would you be satisfied?

You might say, ‘then what? What do I do then?’

A man on holiday found a local lying on the beach all day. He asked him, what are you doing lying here instead of going to work?

The local said, what for?

The tourist said, so that you can make lots of money and when you retire you can take it easy and lie on the beach.

The local said, but I’m already here. There is no need for me to go be someone else’ slave, just so that I can come back to do what I’m already doing. I have my house and my food, and I’m already here.

Some of you may remember an article called “Acres of Diamonds” which alluded to the fact that many of us leave our acres of diamonds right where we are, to go looking for diamonds elsewhere. For those of you who have not seen that article, I’ll post it on my website for you to download.

Contemplate life in a different way, and life will respond to you differently. Focusing on your ultimate goal: good health and happiness, might make you realize you are already there, the rest of life would then be stress free.

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