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“A tree will live with you and provide shade, shelter, and even food for you if you will live in harmony with it.” Ramtha


Betsy Broke: I think I’d like to revisit this issue of making more money. It is not as easy as you make it out to be. There’s too many issue in the way of making more money.

Silver: Indeed, and your mind is the first thing that you need to unblock.

Betsy Broke: My mind is fine. Many books that one reads don’t give you any direction at all. They are not practical. They keep telling me that attitude is everything. No one tells me what I need to do!

Silver: Why would you want someone to tell you what to do. Why can’t you decide what to do and pursue it?

Betsy Broke: What? What is IT?

Silver: Your dream!

Betsy Broke: What is my dream? How am I supposed to know that?

Silver: You create it! What skills do you have? What is it that when you are engaged in you seem to lose track of time? How can your skills benefit your customers? Are they paying to someone else something they could be buying from you if you produced it? Is there something else you can do that they would pay for, even if it’s currently none existent!

Betsy Broke: You are asking me to innovate!

Silver: Innovation and marketing are the only two vital keys to business success. The rest of the business processes hinge on those two.

Betsy Broke: Okay, but I’m still in debt. So, do I focus on clearing my debt or do I direct my resources to creating this new cash machine?

Silver: When you go to the gym and work out new muscles, you will be sore for a while until your muscles become stronger. Making new money is like working out a new muscle. You don’t stop when it hurts! You keep working out until the muscle is strong. Currently your strongest muscles when it comes to money is borrowing! That is the muscle that needs to be weakened. You need to start exercising your savings and investment muscles. Even as you deal with debt, you need to start creating more money.

Betsy Broke: What is the point of saving if the interest on savings is lower than the interest on debt? Why not clear debt first and then start saving?

Silver: That is old school thinking. If it’s going to take you two years to clear your debt, you shall have wasted an opportunity of being able to develop your savings muscles and learning a lot of things about investments. Why wait two years to learn about freedom if you can start now? If you can manage to save a deposit of P10 000, the bank will be willing to lend you P90 000 with which you can purchase a P100 000 property that can start producing positive cash flow and even help you to clear your debts.

Betsy Broke: So by focusing on savings and investments I shall be creating a partner that could later help me repay my loans?

Silver: That is the idea.


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