Nelson Letshwene

Author and Speaker


If We Were All #Financially_Literate

If We Were All #Financially_Literate - 49 Virtues of Financial Knowledge is a thought stimulator to get the reader thinking about as many virtues of being financially literate as possible. Financial literacy is often taken for granted, especially by people who earn medium to high income. The fact that you earn high income does not necessarily mean you are financially literate. It is one thing to be able to make the money, it is totally another to be able to lead your money to success. Making your money work for you, giving it a goal and leading it with knowledge is a function of your level of financial literacy or financial capability.

In this book you will be prompted to think about various ways you could earn your money, employ your money, change your psychology of money, and build your wealth. You could generate new money rules, create new money beliefs, create new strategies and techniques of handling and growing your money.

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