Nelson Letshwene

Author and Speaker



Hesitation is a certain degree of unwillingness; “a reluctance to commit.” In other words, perhaps a mind looking for an excuse to not do that which you are most inclined to do!

In starting a new Endeavour, now is always the right time to start, especially for a Cash Machine. Many people spend too much time preparing to prepare to prepare … When you are starting a new cash machine to make new money, once you identify the product, the only thing that is important is marketing and sales. Get out there and sell and sell and sell …

You don’t have to have the right office space, or the right office equipment and the latest furniture and gadgets. Your focus must be on making money, not spending money.

We all know there is a crisis among us. People from all walks of life are losing their jobs, housing values are down, and many face foreclosure. While I don’t claim to hold all the answers, I do know what history tells us: per capita the Great Depression produced more millionaires than any other era. There’s no reason this economic set back should do any different.

When you take Zimbabwe for example, which is a very extreme case anyway, although there is an economic crises there, for an entrepreneur, there are innumerable opportunities. People need to be supplied with stuff left right and centre. For the entrepreneur who will be creative and meet the needs of people, she will be greatly rewarded.

If you plunge into entrepreneurialism without much hesitation now, you face very little competition because too many people are hesitant and afraid.

When the economy is thriving, the new best thing is around every corner and the competition is fierce. During slow periods most people back off of new ventures leaving the door wide open for you. Because everyone is “looking at every option” these days, even if your cash machine’s prospect has a source, they’re more likely to meet with you and let you weigh in. Get going now and you’ll be the standard to beat!

You must learn to FOCUS! Don’t get scattered all over the place trying to supply everything. People who are in the cycle of wealth building tend to be concerned more with their own financial standing. They are free to brainstorm on marketing approach, networking strategies, and continuous learning. These people are not as concerned with fixing a problem they do not have control over. Energy is better spent on success not conjecture.

Cheap start up! If you need products or services to facilitate your cash machine, play your cards right and you’ll get them dirt-cheap. Bartering is a common practice during these times; you’d be crazy not to ask. It’s like going on vacation during the off-season! This reason alone is an excellent reason to start your cash machine NOW.

I know getting started in any financial situation is challenging and to answer your question… Yes you will have to work harder and smarter. You will need to want it more than the next guy. Your instincts are in a “ready for anything” posture… GOOD FOR YOU!

Let’s make it happen!