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“Learn to say 'no' to the good so you can say 'yes' to the best.”

John C. Maxwell

It is the prescribed job of a doubter to not participate in your project. Doubt is, after all, an excuse not to participate. Actually, it’s a bunch of excuses why something will not work.

A professional doubter knows all the reasons why something will not work. The only problem is that all doubters live in the past. There is no doubter who lives in the future, because you see, they don’t believe in the future, and they can give you a hundred reasons why the future is not coming, because you see, it’s never come before. All they know is the past.

When South Africa won the bid to host the FIFA world cup, all the doubters came forward to say why it will not happen. Today, they are the ones shouting, “feel it, it is here”.

When Obama made his announcement to run for the USA presidency, the forerunners were the doubters who eloquently explained why American was not ready for a black president. When he won, they were the ones shouting, “yes we can!”.

There are so many things we need to accomplish, but so many of us are distracted by the voice of doubt! Remember, all doubters live in the past. All their reasons for why things will not happen are based on failures of the past. No doubter will ever quote you a success story. All they know are the things that never worked.

Doubters are lazy. They fear that if things work, they might have to participate. Doubters live in fear; but there is no fear in love.

The voice of doubt sometimes does not live outside of you. It is in your own head. How many projects within your head have been silenced by fear and doubt? How many things have you not done because of fear and doubt?

Is there a business idea you have not pursued because of doubt and fear? Is there a relationship you have not pursued because of doubt and fear?

Your life will only unfold according to your faith, not according to your doubts. “Go, it will be done just as you believed it would”, were the words of a master teacher.

We have now come to the middle of the year 2010. Are you still waiting to commence your resolutions? Have you been paralyzed by fear and doubt?

Identify your fears and face them with faith! What are you afraid of? Losing money? Losing face? Losing friends? Losing weight? Losing anything? Do you realize that all doubt ever focuses on is losing? What if you won? What could you win?

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