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By Nelson Letshwene

"Doubt is only a word that represents your desire not to participate" RAMTHA

For anyone engaged in anything of value, some of the “demons” you’ll have to face are the demons of doubt and excuses.

Doubt is very useful if you have a desire not to change your status quo. To justify your doubt, i.e. your desire not to participate, you find some acceptable sounding excuse, then you are off the hook! Nothing has to change after that. You have doubt, and your excuse is acceptable to whomever you deem important to please.

What do you do then? Nothing! We can go ahead and make a list of laughable excuses why things are the way they are, and even show that the excuses are really ridiculous; but, unless we can deal with your desire not to participate - that is, your doubt, no excuse is ridiculous. In fact, you get offended when people make fun of your excuses.

Look at the following excuses for a person who is not willing to participate in building a cash machine:

Excuse # 1 “I don’t have the money…”

Should this excuse keep you from building a cash machine that could bring you money? Shouldn’t the realization that you don’t have money drive you to want to build a cash machine?

Now the doubter, the person not willing to participate gets offended and say, “I mean start-up capital. I don’t have the money to start a new business!”

Give me a break! There are cash machines that require little or no capital! Have you tried Network Marketing? “No”, says the doubter, “I don’t like selling!”

Aah! There you go, the main reason is that you don’t want to participate isn’t it? There’s always something you can do to raise the required capital.

Who says you have to start your Cash Machine running out of the gates. You might need to pick up some odd jobs or sell off some assets to get your business going. DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO! Want it more. There’s always a way.

Excuses are the brain’s way of sending false messages when something seems too hard. Yes getting started with a Cash Machine business will be hard work but think of the alternative. Do you want the banks and lenders in control of your finances? Or do you want to be the creator of your own destiny?

People from all walks of life are taking the plunge into entrepreneurialism and for good reason. It’s sink or swim time in this economy. Job security is gone for good, even if you are currently in a job. They can always replace you with someone cheaper and younger.

Whatever might be holding you back must be re-examined, addressed and overcome, or you just might be one of those that sink.

Do you need more excuses?

Excuse #2 “My spouse will think I’m crazy!”

Excuse #3 “With my day job I just don’t have the time”

Excuse #4 “I don’t know what to do”

Everyone has marketable skills and talents. This is not the time to be hard on yourself. Remember that a Cash Machine normally isn’t your dream job. It’s a business designed to create cash flow fast. Leverage your skills and talents. It’s not rocket science.

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