Nelson Letshwene

Author and Speaker



“You have never been alive until you have marshaled a dream out of your own brain and experienced it”


The spirit of commerce was conceived to encourage innovation and to improve the human condition. The spirit of trading was to encourage people to create more things to trade. As they saw others with stuff they wanted, they would be encouraged to create more, so that they would have more to trade.

This went well until laziness and materialism took a hold. As people got lazy, they started focusing on only acquiring other people’s creations, and not creating anything of their own to trade.

Materialism is the spirit of possessiveness. People started getting the warped idea that happiness or joy would come as you owned more and more stuff. But, as anyone who has ever possessed a lot of stuff would tell you, the joy of owning someone else’ creation wanes fast.

The joy of creating is much stronger than the joy of possessiveness. When you buy something you did not create, first you have to figure out how it works, and before you know it, you start criticizing it. However, if it is something you created, instead of criticizing it, you find ways of improving it and making it better, thereby increasing your joy over it.

We are always seeking joy and happiness. But because we are seeking it from other people’s creations, it always disappoints. We want someone else to do certain things for us, and we wait in expectation, for joy. But it rarely delivers what it promises.

Self expression is the ability to pull from within yourself your talents and express them without.

What would stop you from composing your own music? Why not write your own book? Why not design your own clothing or structures?

The birth of materialism was the birth of consumerism. You are a consumer not a creator. You work so hard to make money to buy other people’s creations. Your pride is inflated by using other people’s creations, whether it be the Algerian born Yves Saint Laurent or his mentor Christian Dior. Whether it be the footwear of Pierre Cardin or those of Phil Knight called Nike.

Here is my challenge for today. It is time to be a creator. What talents lie within you that have not been explored? Write a recipe, cook it and taste it. If it’s not right, keep working on it. Compose. Design. Write. Build. Play. Paint. Speak.

Learn a new language. Learn a musical instrument. Acquire a new skill and use it. Awaken the giant within. Stay focused. Persevere. Be patient with yourself.

Just like a caterpillar that retreats to its hot cocoon for twenty one days and emerges as a beautiful butterfly with oriental wings and silk stockings; so must you be determined to be the butterfly whose tongue will suck the golden nectar of beautiful flowers instead of feeding on the caterpillar’s bushy green leaves! Then, just like the butterfly, never will you desire to be a caterpillar ever again! For, who would give up her wings for nubby little legs?Namasté. As always, your comments and suggestions are welcome at