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"You know, it’s very simple to be a genius. All you have to do is think for yourself."

-  Ramtha  -

So, what are the basic rules of making money that you know?

Betsy Broke: I only know one rule, and that rule is: get a job!

Robbie Rich: Well, I’ve got a job and still, I’m not making money!

Silver: Before we talk about how to make more money, let’s talk about the character of money. Did you know that money takes the character of the person who owns it?

Betsy Broke: What do you mean by that?

Silver: Let me start with an explosive question. Where does the money of a drunkard go?

Betsy Broke: Well, of course towards his priorities, which is mainly drinking?

Silver: Right. Where does the money of an investor go?

Betsy Broke: Towards investments.

Silver: That is why we say money follows the character of its owner. If your priorities are your children’s education, that’s where your money will go. So, if you draw up your list of priorities, you will generally notice that you have more money for the things at the top of your priority list, and you don’t have enough money for the things at the bottom of your priority list. If saving is at the bottom of the list, no wonder there’s never enough money to save. However, if paying your debts is at the top of your list, that’s exactly where your money will always go. Do you get it?

Betsy Broke: No, but the reason I don’t have enough money to cover the things at the bottom of my priority list, is because I’m not making enough money!

Silver: Technically yes, but in reality, it’s not true! Did you know that even if you made a million bucks or more, that money will still follow your character! If saving is the last thing on your list, you will not have anything to save! It’s just a matter of time and you will be broke again! A study was done on lottery winners that showed that about 98% of all winners lose their money within the first two to ten years. Some are worse off at the end than they were in the beginning.

Betsy Broke: You see, that only proves that money is evil!

Silver: No it’s not. It simply follows the character of its owner. That’s what we’re saying here.

Betsy Broke: That’s not fair. That’s just an excuse by you capitalists to keep employers paying us peanuts! If they paid us more we would be better off!

Silver: While high salaries may improve your living standard in the beginning, they do not change your character! Besides, the economic implications of high salaries means high input costs to production, leading to high prices of goods and services, thus leaving you in the same vicious cycle, just a higher end of the cycle.

Betsy Broke: So, what are the rule of making more money?

Silver: There is no rule greater than understanding that money follows the character of its owner. The rest are just details and we’ll get to them; but you must grasp this first.

Betsy Broke: I don’t know if I agree with you!

Silver: I’m not looking for agreement. Besides, you can’t agree with what you have not experienced. Yet this is an invitation for you to examine your character and see where your money tends to go, then ask yourself why.

Betsy Broke: My money goes to my debts because I have a lot of them!

Silver: And you have a lot of debts because your money goes there, if you know what I mean! Haven’t you observed a woman earning low salary but building an entire house without a loan, and furnishing it? That’s character!

(Nelson Letshwene is the author of Functional Mastery Over My Finances, (Reach Publishers, 2008). He is also a columnist with the Botswana Guardian. You may contact him on (or +267-7170-4836)